The New Victory Garden
Books and Greenhouse plans for Organic Self-Sufficiency

We are entering a new world of danger and opportunity.

Indeed, Nature is none too gently shoving us in that direction.

We are at the end of a 30,000-year era of anomalously mild climate which allowed civilization to nourish. Nearly-free energy from petroleum increased mankindís power and numbers to a degree considered pure fantasy a hundred years ago. Now we are in an inevitable energy descent, and on a collision course with several likely disasters: Peak Oil. Global Warming. Peak Dollar. Peak Everything.

The smoothest ride has an awkward name: Permaculture. It means permanent agriculture, and more generally, permanent culture. Technologies now exist that, beyond survival, can recreate a paradise on earth within a few generations. To make a sustainable future for ourselves, our families, and our descendants, we need agreement and a shared vision of the future thatís based on accurate information, kindness, cooperation, tolerance, and non-violence. Then we can feed and protect each other, live in relative harmony, and become parners with, instead of merely users, of Nature. In such a world, the future is unimaginably promising.

Here we present some doorways to the path of sustainability:

by Albert K Bates
Who knew petrocollapse could be so tasty? A hopeful and humorous look at the next 30 years and the world beyond petroleum, by a daring futurist and world-class ecovillage pioneer and innovator. 237 pp. illustrated, includes lots of cartoons! $20

Your own year-íround microclimate, independent of extremes and storms. Grow organic greens and vegetables on Square Foot Gardening high beds. Ideal for cultivating mushrooms in a moist, warm environment year Ďround. Three pages of drawings, text & references. $4

Grow your organic veggies in 1/5 of the space, using 1/5 of the water, 1/5 the weeding, and 1/5 the work! Start your garden without having to dig up the ground ever again. Perennially best-selling book, this earth-saving gardening treasure ran on National Public Television for 8 years. Heavily illustrated in color, quality paperback, 272 pp. $20

Combined with Square Foot Gardening, the two methods together can eliminate world hunger. 244 pp. $16

A very potent edible biocide that purifes water, prevents parasites, and disinfects produce and any surface. GSE is 10-100 X more potent than chlorine, iodine or silver oxide, yet it can be diluted and drank to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, and detach parasites, while sparing beneficial intestinal flora. Bacteria do not develop antibiotic resistance to it. In tablet form for those who donít like the intensely bitter taste. Perfect for first aid kits, travel, eating out, visiting relatives, life, and other adventures. 100 - 125 mg tablets $9

by Emil Mondoa M.D and Mindy Kitei
A revolutionary book. Glyconutrients are longchain sugars and sugar-protein molecules that are essential constituents of both our nervous and immune systems. Our body synthesizes many, but others come only from food. The highest sources of these saccharides are - mushrooms! 262 pp., hardcover, $22

by Paul Stamets
Paul Stametsí latest book is at once visionary, spiritual, and practical, containing innovative ways to help save the earth through mycoremediation to re-green devastated areas and detoxify toxic ones. A great cultivation and spawn-making manual and guide to the excellent nutritional content of many mushroom species. 340 pp, illustrated $35

The basis for a shared vision: the technologies & strategies needed to prosper in the era of Peak Everything, Unemployment, and Global Warming. Googols of beautiful material, references & urls. CD PowerPoint, 63 slides in color. $9

The most cost-effective batch water heater you can build youself in a few weekends. Install it on your rooftop or at ground level in your backyard. Plumb it to your regular water heater, or just connect to it with a garden hose. Plans include an outdoor solar shower cabana ideal for poolside, remote cabin, or campground 20 pp, illustrated $20

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