* Linear Parabolic Solar Collector *

* Produces temperatures up to 500 degrees F.
* Is more efficient than a flat-plate collector.
* Requires full sun, but efficiency makes up for it averaged over a season / year in most locations.
* When E-W oriented, no solar tracking is needed, only seasonal noontime elevation adjustment.
* Easy to design, make, assemble, and transport.
* Inexpensive to build.
* Can be integrated with a bioburner to save fuel

This early 3x4 parabola was a test bed for various applications:

* Solar grill Shelley is making tortillas and boiling a pot of beans.
* Distilling water plus heating 7x that amount of hot water.
* Steam-injection vacuum distillation of ethanol.
* Electricity from 100-suns VMJ PV cells, and cogenerated steam for off-peak stored power.
* Zero-moving parts solar refrigeration, water pumping, and compressed air.

2009 Solar-Smith, www.solar-smith.com, and Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology