SunWings© solar water heater
uses the power of the sun alone to heat water affordably and efficiently.
Requires no gas or electricity
Simple, Reliable, Durable, Repairable
A Solar Heirloom Product©
so cost-effective to use and maintain, our children can continue to use it. . .

• SunWings produces over 40 gal. of hot water per sunny day.

• Can be set at ground level, on the roof, or as an outdoor shower. It can be plumbed like a regular water heater in your house, or simply hooked up with a garden hose. In series with your gas or electric water heater, it provides unlimited hot water
year-round and a payback time of five to six years in fuel savings.

• SunWings are also used as outdoor showers in the garden, backyard, swimming-pool cabaña, campground, and remote areas.

• When you take an outdoor solar shower in a little fern covered cabaña, you get the feeling of being in a secluded jungle waterfall. And if the electricity goes off, you still have hot water.

• Materials for SunWings cost the same as an electric water heater, $350.

Complete SunWings and Solar Cabaña plans - $18.00
Shipping and handling - $2.00
Visa and MasterCard accepted.
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• Normal solar water heaters circulate water through tubes that freeze and break in cold weather, requiring elaborate "draindown" safety systems which sometimes fail, resulting in extensive damage. Others circulate antifreeze in a heat exchanger to heat the water. But all of these devices, heat exchangers, pumps, thermostats, solenoid valves, electronic logic controllers, storage tanks, and vacuum breakers are more costly and vulnerable components to break down and reduce the final efficiency, and besides, who needs to pay $2,000 just to heat water? The old batch solar heater was superior in many ways to the flat plate models but also had a big area of glass that's expensive and vulnerable to accidents, vandalism, and hail. We wrap our tank with UV-protected solar grade fiberglass and collect the sunlight using reflecting wings outside the glazed tube. The reflector that gathers the most sunlight as the sun moves across the sky is not a parabola, but more like a catenary, made out of all-weather anodized aluminum.

• When SunWings solar showers are installed in a campground, campers wonder how they can take 15 to 20 showers a day without running out of hot water.
The answer: the more solar water is used, the more efficient it is, because heat losses increase with temperature. The campers also appreciate being able to take a warm shower in the early morning. The high insulation and selective absorber of SunWings retain heat with minimal losses overnight.

• SunWings solar hot water systems are enjoyed by homeowners, kids, gardeners, homesteaders, chemically or EM-sensitive people, farmers, and campers.

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